Cực Bắc Homestay

Cực Bắc Homestay

4.9/5.0 - dựa trên 15 đánh giá
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5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"Very good..."

Very good

5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"Very authentic Lolo homestay. Pho and Le are ..."

Very authentic Lolo homestay. Pho and Le are the loveliest hosts. Everything was clean, bed comfortable with mosquito nets, hot water worked well, couldn't have asked for more. Family dinner was also delicious.

5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"Highly recommend! Very very comfortable when..."

Highly recommend! Very very comfortable when I stay here. The house made from wood and it bring me into Lolo peoples’s culture. The host and his family are very friendly. You can have dinner and breakfast here with a small amount but very tasty. The food make from local material, so clean and so fresh. You can choose vegetarian food if you want.

5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"I never leave reviews but this place is absol..."

I never leave reviews but this place is absolulely phenomenal. Not only is it beautiful and cozy and warm. Pha and leh are amazing hosts. The food they cooked us was for us the best meal we have had in vietnam and was a refreshing break from the normal variety you find on the ha giang loop. All local and beautifully done. The beds are comfortable and there is no better view in the town of the flag tower than from their balcony. Each bed has its own window and plenty of blankets. We were beyond satisfied and cannot thank them enough for their hospitality and kindness. Dont forget to try the corn winr aswell. Its so good i want to start making it myself. Definately dont miss this place even though ita about 1k from town.

5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"This is one of the most plesent places I've s..."

This is one of the most plesent places I've stayed in. The hosts are sweet and loving and we le cooked for us the best food we had in Vietnam so far. Highly recommend!

5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"Good homestay..."

Good homestay

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Cực Bắc Homestay

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Liên hệ

  • Lô Lô Chải, Lũng Cú, Đồng Văn, Hà Giang, Vietnam
  • 096 504 25 50
  • Ghé thăm Website

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