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Hotel Mùa Vàng

4/5.0 - dựa trên 12 đánh giá
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4/5.0Đăng vào 8 tháng trước

"A relatively quiet hotel right in the center with a very good pri"

The city is very dusty due to construction work. The hotel is a little higher up, so you won't be disturbed by it. The stuff was very helpful. Communication went well via Google Translate. You can't ask for a luxury facility for the low price. Everything worked reasonably well in the room.. Although the hotel is close to the street, it is quiet because there is a small building between the street and the hotel room. I felt very comfortable and will be back soon.

5/5.0Đăng vào 19-04-2021

"(Translated by Google) Clean and airy (Origi..."

(Translated by Google) Clean and airy (Original) Sạch sẽ thoáng mát

3/5.0Đăng vào 18-04-2021

"I had planned to stay here in the middle of a..."

I had planned to stay here in the middle of a very hard bicycle trip through this region. Honestly, the Thanh Vân Homestay is probably the best option for a Western tourist like myself. However, I had planned on reserving the homestay experiences for the Hà Giang Loop (which me and my friend eventually canceled due to weather). I was cycling solo in this region and preferred to have a less social experience so I could focus on the trip. Good thing too, because I made it to this town on the absolute worst day of the trip, when everything went wrong. There is another hotel closer to the main junction that is not on Google Maps (Green Hotel was the name, I think). It may have been a bit nicer. This place was super strange, but not horrible. It is a very large building but completely deserted. When I got there at 4pm, the uncle running the place was sleeping in the lobby. I don’t know how much English he speaks, if any, because I can speak Vietnamese. But he was very nice and I chatted a little with him the next morning. The rooms are actually huge, though hopelessly trapped in the 90s. The toilet didn’t flush and the hot water ran out after 1 minute. After a cold and wet day on the bicycle, that wasn’t too fun. It is close enough to town while being away from the noise of the junction. Still, I would recommend that other hotel probably.

2/5.0Đăng vào 18-04-2021

"Hotel rộng, sân to để ô tô thoải mái. Phòng ố..."

Hotel rộng, sân to để ô tô thoải mái. Phòng ốc rộng rãi. Mỗi tầng có mặt trước và mặt sau, phòng mặt trước (số lẻ) có cửa sổ, mặt sau thì không. Giá cả và nội thất bình dân.

5/5.0Đăng vào 18-04-2021

"điểm chụp ảnh tuyệt đẹp và van háo dâ..."

điểm chụp ảnh tuyệt đẹp và van háo dân tộc la chí còn nguyên vẹn

3/5.0Đăng vào 17-03-2021



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Hotel Mùa Vàng

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  • 197C, TT. Vinh Quang, Hoàng Su Phì, Hà Giang, Vietnam
  • 098 457 72 32
  • Ghé thăm Website

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