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"(Translated by Google) Our car "palace", doub..."

(Translated by Google) Our car "palace", double bed. Go to Ha Giang and then back to Hanoi. Very clean, the chair has a massage, numbing pleasure 不不不 . The co-driver is gentle and polite. The car also has a TV showing movies and music of my choice, but I can only see pictures, no sound . It is generally satisfactory. (Original) B廙n m穫nh xe " cung i廙n ", giが廙ng 繫i . i H Giang r廙i v廙 H N廙i . R廕另 s廕︷h s廕, gh廕 n廕彩 c籀 c廕 matxa, sが廙ng t礙 ngが廙i 不不不 . L獺i ph廙 xe nh廕 nhng, l廙ch s廙. Tr礙n xe c籀 c廕 tivi chi廕簑 phim, ca nh廕︷ theo m穫nh ch廙n nhがng ch廙 xem dc h穫nh, ko 璽m thanh . N籀 chung l がng 羸.

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