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5/5.0ng vo 8 th獺ng trが廙c

"(Translated by Google) Our car "palace", doub..."

(Translated by Google) Our car "palace", double bed. Go to Ha Giang and then back to Hanoi. Very clean, the chair has a massage, numbing pleasure 不不不 . The co-driver is gentle and polite. The car also has a TV showing movies and music of my choice, but I can only see pictures, no sound . It is generally satisfactory. (Original) B廙n m穫nh xe " cung i廙n ", giが廙ng 繫i . i H Giang r廙i v廙 H N廙i . R廕另 s廕︷h s廕, gh廕 n廕彩 c籀 c廕 matxa, sが廙ng t礙 ngが廙i 不不不 . L獺i ph廙 xe nh廕 nhng, l廙ch s廙. Tr礙n xe c籀 c廕 tivi chi廕簑 phim, ca nh廕︷ theo m穫nh ch廙n nhがng ch廙 xem dc h穫nh, ko 璽m thanh . N籀 chung l がng 羸.

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v廙 Nh Xe B廕彫g Ph廕叩

Thung l觼ng B廕τ l癡
5/5.0Thung l觼ng B廕τ l癡

"(Translated by Google) Best quality reputatio..."

(Translated by Google) Best quality reputation (Original) Uy t穩n ch廕另 lが廙τg t廙t nh廕另

Ti廕積 Hi廙p
1/5.0Ti廕積 Hi廙p

"i xe t廙 ninh b穫nh l礙n h giang r廙i ch廙 kh獺ch..."

i xe t廙 ninh b穫nh l礙n h giang r廙i ch廙 kh獺ch sang t廕要 th獺i b穫nh 籀n kh獺ch r廙i m廙i i l礙n h giang . Delay 4 ti廕積g 廙ng h廙 .

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