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Bông Ha Giang Hostel

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1/5.0Đăng vào 19-04-2021

"Nên cảnh giác với quán trà chanh TMore bạn sẽ..."

Nên cảnh giác với quán trà chanh TMore bạn sẽ bị lợi dụng. Khi được đề xuất đến quán bạn hãy cảnh giác.(Be wary of the TMore lemon tea shop you will be taking advantage of. When being recommended to the shop, be alert.)

4/5.0Đăng vào 19-04-2021

"We only rented our motorbikes from here. The ..."

We only rented our motorbikes from here. The bikes were newish well maintained with low kilometres on them. Had no issues at all, we done a 3 night ,4 day loop with no issues at all. If I ever do the loop again, I'll definitely be renting a bike from here again.

5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"Really good place to start your loop journey!..."

Really good place to start your loop journey! Loads of information! Bikes are really good quality (you even get a free lesson if you don’t know how to use semi autos). Would recommend getting insurance if you don’t already! The loop is safe to drive but better safe the sorry for a small price! Staff were all really informative and answered all questions!

5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"Perfect place to start your Hà Giang loop jou..."

Perfect place to start your Hà Giang loop journey. Met a few people here who I traveled the loop with. My only complaint is the price to rent the bigger motorcycles, can definitely be found cheaper elsewhere. Also worth noting that every day they have an orientation for free explaining the loop and providing a map, huge shout out to the friendly couple from Argentina working there.

5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"If you’re doing the loop, you MUST stay at Bo..."

If you’re doing the loop, you MUST stay at Bong to start. Here’s why: First, their bikes are all new and, along with QT, are one of the top 2 places to rent, but Bong also includes all accessories with each rental for free. Second, they offer family dinner the night before which is a great way to meet people to do the loop with the next day. Third, they offer (at least on my trip) a FREE guide for a 4 day trip. This last one is what really set it apart for me, as the guide knew the best viewpoints, helped people when they fell, and set a safe but enjoyable pace. Fourth, is that all of this comes for one of (if not the cheapest) prices in the city. Riding the loop was one of the best things I did in my time in SEA, and I thank Bong for helping make it so great.

5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"Very clean room, assistant Polite..."

Very clean room, assistant Polite

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Bông Ha Giang Hostel

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  • 59a Nguyễn Thái Học, Street, Hà Giang, 310000, Vietnam
  • 0888 526 606
  • Ghé thăm Website

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