Ha Giang Creekside Homestay And Hostel
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Ha Giang Creekside Homestay And Hostel

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1/5.0Đăng vào 19-04-2021

"Booking here is a risk that may leave you wit..."

Booking here is a risk that may leave you with nowhere to sleep. I think perhaps they don't bother running the place unless they have enough guests to fill it.We booked and paid for a three night stay. I knew we'd be arriving in the evening, so i sent the owners an additional message to make sure that would be ok. We arrived o the bus and needed to walk about a half an hour with our luggage, only to find the gate chained shut. When finally, a kind man sleeping on the sidewalk across the street called the owner so we could speak to him, the owner was unfriendly and unhelpful. Nobody would let us inside and he only wanted to insist that we had no reservation - even though Hotels.com haf to phone him to have our refund eventually processed, so he must have had our payment and reservation. The closest thing to help he offered was to tell us to go to another hotel - the only place still open nearby cost almost as much for 1 night as we would have for the 3 we booked. I'm surprised to hear that other people found the same owner to be helpful or kind at all. I would suggest booking spmewhere else, or arriving early enough in the day to find somewhere else to sleep when this place turns you away.

5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"A very cozy place in Ha giang. The owner spea..."

A very cozy place in Ha giang. The owner speaks very good English. Bed are soft which is rare in Vietnam. Everything is clean. There are bicycles available for free. Breakfast is really good. We wanted to stay one more night but everything was fully booked. Then the owner very kindly offered us to stay in a dorm which is still not open to the public for free.

5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"Very very nice rooms and definitely the clean..."

Very very nice rooms and definitely the cleanest place I've been so far in Vietnam. Only place where you can walk barefoot. The owners are very friendly and helpful! The owner is the man himself! Breakfast is lit. Definitely affordable prices!

5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"Nice room, beautiful and modern bathrooms whi..."

Nice room, beautiful and modern bathrooms which are really helpful for you before and after the long trips with Ha Giang mountains. Super helpful and kind owner! He actually the most generous owner we've met during the trip in Ha Giang. Our trip was excellent thanks to him!

5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"Very hospitable owners that will help you to ..."

Very hospitable owners that will help you to decide what to see in the Ha Giang loop, and rent you the bike. Breakfast included, cozy rooms, clean bathroom. Top.

5/5.0Đăng vào 17-04-2021

"While the place is still under renovation (m..."

While the place is still under renovation (meant to be finished by 1st of Jan) I had a great stay, for a whole number of reasons. First and foremost the owner Mr Ang who went out of his way to help me out of a pickle (he ended up driving me around town for an hour to shop for a dirt cheap smartphone and get a suitable SIM package). He speaks great English and has very well founded knowledge of the area due to his part time occupation as a tour guide. Other reasons to recommend Creekside: comfy rooms, clean and nice-looking facilities. I'm sure it will be fantastic once the renewal works are finished. Last but not least the hostel seems to attract more seasoned travelers, not the typical backpacker party crowd.

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Ha Giang Creekside Homestay And Hostel

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  • 50 Hai Bà Trưng, P. Nguyễn Trãi, Hà Giang, Vietnam
  • 091 470 10 33
  • Ghé thăm Website

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