Mèn Mén Homestay

Mèn Mén Homestay

4.3/5.0 - dựa trên 3 đánh giá
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5/5.0Đăng vào 4 tháng trước


3/5.0Đăng vào 6 tháng trước

"We booked a large room with 3 beds for the 4 ..."

We booked a large room with 3 beds for the 4 of us but once we actually stepped into the room, we had to change to 2 double rooms because of how freezing the large room was. The double rooms looked okay, still chilly to our bones but at least each bed had an electric blanket. Brace yourself for a super fast shower, otherwise you will run out of hot water after around 10 minutes. In one of the room, the glass seperating the shower and the bedroom is not frosted, so unless you are a couple, it will prove itself to be problematic. The host was nice but rather unprofessional considering we still had to wait for about 30’ for our booked rooms to be ready even though we arrived at 3-4pm. Expect to suffer from noises coming from outside of the rooms such as footsteps, people talking, etc.

5/5.0Đăng vào 6 tháng trước

"(Translated by Google) Nice homestay, friendl..."

(Translated by Google) Nice homestay, friendly and enthusiastic owner. The price is also reasonable, well worth a visit. (Original) Homestay đẹp, chủ thân thiện, nhiệt tình. Giá cũng hợp lý, rất đáng ghé.

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Mèn Mén Homestay

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